ejaculation series; mass-production






Ahn repeatedly asked himself the question “Who am I?” “What am I doing in this design department?” “How can I survive?”. On a broader level he noticed that individuals have historically been defined by species, religion, nation, society, race, gender, etc. - not, or not just, by their individuality.


Today we spread around the world due to the development of global transportation and our self-representations spread around the world due to the emergence of the Internet and social media. Culture and society have drastically changed; what people once experienced as “identity” has equally transformed in many ways. As the definition of the individual changes with time, Ahn says, need new survival strategies suitable for the age we live in.


In this project, Ahn tries to expand his “self ” through objects representing his head. The designer ejaculates, so to speak, his spermatic objects around, where they land in various items, ranging from mass-produced balloons to domestic objects like bed and lamp. An endless range of possibilities opens up. The objects carry the symbolism and the traces of mass production as well as the symbolism of a phenomenon well-known in the design field. Through the performance of spreading his face, Ahn intentionally destroys his own aura in order to also stimulate other people’s survival consciousness, beyond mere biological breeding.


The aim of the EJACULATION project is to provoke a new definition of individuality, of the “self ”. As well as provoke some reflection on how design functions in today’s world. We live in an era where individuality can be revealed and replicated more easily than ever before. Ahn’s survival strategy is spreading himself to the extent that he might become the center of the world. At the same time, he asks his audience to ask the same question: “Who am I?”