my scent 2020




essential oil from Ahn

Ejaculation: my scent (2020) is the manufactured goods of perfume and soap with a minimum amount of extracted essential oil from Ahn’s real body. Ahn collected various secretions, such as sweat, sebum, dead skin cells, etc., generated while living in Seoul and other cities, South Korea for 5 days(from 18:03 on Saturday,

22nd August 2020 to 21:07 on Thursday, 27th August 2020) using special oils through a full-body shower for 3 hours a day. Ahn extracted 0.4L of essential oil from the solution of about 20L collected for 5 days using the solvent extraction method.


The performance video, which contains the process of making perfume, goes beyond the role of a simple documentary video and evokes strange sensations

through the unfamiliar act of scraping the human body through the friction of tools and cohesion of body odor. Ejaculation: my scent (2020) makes us discover

human identity through the cognitive method of the olfactory sense, imprints the unique human presence, and at the same time stimulates the reverse illusion.

These imprints and discoveries make us question again the conditions for human existence and the reproducibility of individuals, which are constantly being redefined today.


* my scent (2020) is the new work of Studio Ahn Sung Hwan, sponsored by Hyundai Motors, one of the biggest global automobile companies in South-Korea.


And also got technical support from Dr. Hwan-Myung Lee Lab in the department Cosmetic Biotechnology

at Ho-Seo University in South Korea.