" To me, the object is the outgrowth of the act of putting myself into consciousness.

Therefore, my object is always accompanied by my ritual performance,

and my self-awareness always bears my objects. "


Ahn's practice expresses his curiosity about self-awareness and subjectivity. With interests in the ambivalence of our consciousness and its recursivity, he portrays what he understands poetically through a very restrained aesthetic.


In particular, he intends to deal with the contemporary definition of the self but also the timeless curiosity about the self by obsessively repeating the egoistic action that can be done in the present. His self-aware performance gave birth to various practices, installation, sculpture, object, and video.


He studied chemical engineering and product design at Hongik University(Se-Jong) in South Korea and later started his career as a Korean traditional cabinet maker. After completing a master's degree in Contextual Design from Design Academy Eindhoven, he is currently living in Eindhoven(the Netherlands), and Seoul(South Korea), and is showing various works through 'Studio Ahn Sung Hwan'.