Ahn Sung Hwan was born in Seoul and South Korea in 1989. He majored in new material(chemical) engineering, double-majored product design at Hongik University, and also belonged to theater collective for a long time. (These three experiences serve as important backgrounds for his work to have chemical, commercial, and theatrical elements in the future.)  Having worked at a traditional Korean furniture wood workshop after graduating with his bachelor's degree, he longed for conceptual and material expansion in the way he made products and eventually moved to the Netherlands at the Desing Academy Eindhoven(MA) in 2017.

Ahn Sung Hwan, who has attempted various experiments on products for two years, has been exploring the relationship between "individual body" and "product" since 2020 and made performances using it. He, who is constantly striving to build his own genre in the middle of products and performances, is currently working between Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and Seoul, the Republic of Korea. He was selected as artist support for Hyundai Motor (Zer01ne) in Korea in 2020 and received International Arts Joint Fund from the Dutch Culture in 2021.




     MA Contextual Design, Design Academy Eindhoven, Netherlands

     BFA Product Design, Hongik University, South Korea

     BS Chemical Engineering, Hongik University, South Korea

Grant/ Support

     2021 - Inversie TalenHub in Noord-Brabant Artist (NL)  (selection of 7)

     2021 - International Arts Joint Fund The Netherlands-South Korea from DutchCulture (NL)  (selection of 10)


     2020 - Hyundai Motors Commission Artist by Zero-one (ZER01NE) (KR) 

Selected Exhibitions


          2021  - Wear me, Temporary Art Centre (TAC), Eindhoven, NL


          2021 - TAC WAS HERE, Temporary Art Centre(TAC), Eindhoven, NL
          2020  - 2020 Zer01ne P:layers, Seoul, KR

          2020  - HOMEomorphism, NL

          2019  - Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation show 2019, Campina, Eindhoven, NL  
                              (*selected by Trending Topic 2019)

          2019 - Obsession; Reality Tunnel - Hockney Gallery, London, UK 

          2018  - Overturning Othering - De Elektriciteitsfabriek, Hague, Netherlands

          2018  - Tell Me I’m Here - Asylum Chapel, London, UK

2022 Ahn Sung Hwan CV