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[Event in STRP Festival; Artist Walk]

Infinity Walks; how to run from the Sun 

10th April 2022

Ssuk(mugwort) Madeleines/ Ssuk tea, and Ssunk sunblock

live performance(walk with audiences)


1. De-growth

     STRP asked me for a "walk event" about de-growth through KONT magazine.

     Their theme was this;

     "[...] How do we deal with the end of infinity; do we leave the physical world behind, or do we enter into a radical new connection with it? What strategies can we devise to break our addiction to material growth? How can technological progress bring connection instead of abandonment? In search of answers to these questions, STRP 2022 sketches imaginative scenarios for our future with artists, the public, and thinkers from a critical yet optimistic perspective. To infinity and beyond!"

     - in STRP Festival 2022 Theme -

I pondered how I could express my personal views on de-growth through the 'walking event'. I set up some situations (or scenes, scenarios) in the walk.

2. Scenario

          #scene 1, Walk with Artist in Nature

          The artist takes the audience and walks in nature for about an hour.

          #scene 2, Teatime in Nature, and Relax

          The artist shares the tea and madeleines he has prepared with the audience.

          At this time, tea and madeleines were made using the plants, Ssuk(mugwort), which Korean traditionally (and still) enjoys.

          #scene 3, Introduce Ssuk(Korean), Mugwort(English).
          The artist explains the Korean legend related to Ssuk and the health benefits of Ssuk while people are enjoying tea and madeleines.
          Provide Vitamin and moisture, especially helpful for tired skin from UV light.

          #scene 4, Return back

          After spending a peaceful and relaxing time with the sun, go back the way they came and walk to the starting point.

          #scene 5, Pop-up store for selling Ssuk Sunblocks

          When the audience returns to the starting point, a pop-up store is suddenly set up to sell Ssuk sunblocks.

          The artist promotes the sunblock by referring again to the efficacy of Ssuk, which was explained in nature and relaxation earlier.
          He suddenly changes from an artist to a businessman.

          #scene 6, It was indirect advertising or PPL

          Audiences who see artists selling Ssuk sunblocks realize that the nature and relaxation they enjoyed with tea were a kind of indirect advertisement and ppl.

3. inspiration

     #De-growth VS The individual's desire to keep young skin

     #Authenticity hoax, Andrew Potter

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