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Take Off



Performance/ Video/ Photography


take off is a performance for extracting essential oil from Ahn’s real body. Using the special oils through a full-body shower over a few days, Ahn collected various secretions, such as sweat, sebum, dead skin cells, etc., and he can get the 0.4L of essential oil through the solvent extraction method(Enfleurage) with technical support from the biologist,  Dr. Hwan-Myung Lee. 

The performance video, which contains the process of making perfume, goes beyond the role of a simple documentary video and evokes strange sensations through the unfamiliar act of scraping the human body through the friction of tools and the cohesion of body odor.

* This artwork was created with the support of ZER01NE(Hyundai Motors).

*Technical support; Dr. Hwan-Myung Lee Lab in the department of Cosmetic Biotechnology at Ho-Seo University in South Korea.

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